Welcome to Sudden Death

This is a engaging straight to dvd/streaming movie starring Michael Jai White as a security guard on a mission mid shift. The movie is all around ok. This sequel to the Van Damme failure from the 90's, fell flat on writing and acting. The fight sequences were better in this movie compared to the terrible fast action cuts of the Van Damme film. The writing isn't a rip off of "Die Hard" like its predecessor was. The comedy element is fun for families with the addition of Gary Owens. The original Sudden Death wasn't the blockbuster vehicle Van Damme and co intended it would be to beat out Bruce Willis or Steven Segal at the box office. Welcome to Sudden Death doesn't amplify any action or acting of any participant or component of the film. The choreographed fight scenes are not done by stunt doubles and are edited in a good way.

Good clean fun that could've been done better at every level to be considered a legitimate sequel to a cinematic release from the 90's. The hockey pros looked like high school skaters but the content is effective enough. Added fights, comedy, and a diverse cast makes the film entertaining.

I rated this film: Almost Entertaining with 2.5/5 movie tickets.

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