Vampires vs The Bronx

Gregory Diaz IV, Gerald W. Jones III, Coco Jones, Sarah Gadon, Chris Redd, The Kid Mero, Method Man, Shea Whigham, Vladimir Caamaño, and Jaden Michael all star in the film fun family horror comedy. Directed and written by Osmany Rodrigue, the film doesn't take itself too serious. Wonderful kid tale with a great Zoe Saldana cameo. The story tackles inner city gentrification without losing the fun and thrills of a family film. Netflix purchased the distribution rights to this film and released it to its streaming service. The film could have easily been a great summer movie for the cinemas if the pandemic wasn't hurting the entire entertainment industry. 

Great diversity and wonderful casting helped the kid friendly writing with perfect fusion. The movie showcased what New York City actually looks and sounds like and I loved every moment. Funny and great Wesley Snipes as Blade references. There isn't a main performance that captivates, but the entire ensemble shines in this.

I rate this movie: Very Entertaining with 4/5 movie tickets.

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