Sneakerheads is created by Jay Longino who also wrote the uneventful Uncle Drew and Skiptrace comedies. The writer spends a lot of time in black culture and profiting from it, but the diversity he tries to showcase leaves a lot of his projects bland. The series stars Allen Maldonado, Andrew Bachelor, Jearnest Corchado, and Aja Evans. Allen Maldonado seems a bit too polished to be in this production. Andrew Bachelor's comedy in this series should be written for social media posts instead of a tv produced series. Jearnest Corchado and the extremely sexy Aja Evans both pop out in every scene they are in. This comedy rightfully is for every sneaker head in the world. It doesn't take itself too seriously but the fun is in the adventure. The series promotes the importance of finding happiness in the journey of life rather than materialistic possessions. As a avid sneaker collector, i've done some silly things in the pursuit of trying to acquire certain Jordans in the past. I dont have the sneakers anymore but I do remember what I went through to purchase them.

These 6 episodes are filled with laughs and cameos from the most random walks of the Hollywood Hills. Great ensemble cast. This production could've easily have been a movie instead of a series.

I rate this series: Entertaining with 3.5/5 tv remotes

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