Kevin Hart's Zero F**ks Given

Kevin Hart gives an almost funny special from the comfort of his beautiful home. The title says "Zero Fucks Given" but doesn't truly hold up to that billing. His nonchalant rants are more for late night comedy news anchors instead of a top billing movie star/comic. Hart talks about racism, his ex wife, and social media which doesn't seem as personal as Hart would think. We all pretty much know his story and it's still not any more interesting coming from him, in his living room,  with warm lighting. Hart points at a poster of Eddie Murphy during the beginning of the special which seems forced and not genuine.

The material was that of a angry and drunken divorcee at the family cookout, and not that of a elite comic at the top of his game. Disappointment would mean I expected more from Kevin Hart, but ultimately I wasn't surprised. Great quality of content and ideas, just not executed properly. This new offering like, The Wedding Ringer, Ride Along, Get Hard, and Central Intelligence all suffer from Hart's inability to connect with a audience on the screen. 

I rate this movie : Almost Entertaining with 2.5/5 TV remotes

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